Drawing my own conclusion

by davidnielsen

A man I once was proud to call a friend, with whom I have shared many good moments over the years, Jesse Keating recently gave me some blunt advice on the advisablity of continuing my work with Fedora. Draw your own conclusions.

Along with the recent onslaught of mail I have gotten, focusing not on the technology or with aims of providing constructive criticism. Instead focusing on calling me names or implying that I am deluded and dishonest. Like the kind mail I found in my inbox this morning from one Matthew Woehlke:

David Nielsen wrote:

I have instead gotten disrespectful personal mail
Looking back at the IRC log I am left with a foul taste in my mouth,
mentions of what RHEL supports and how it’s not a bad thing to
discriminate based on language.
I am frankly disgusted by this whole affair, especially since my
honesty and motives were brought into question.

I’m going to guess a lot of that “disrespectful personal mail” revolves around the use of mono? And why shouldn’t it? Lots of people (myself included) have a special hatred of Microsoft’s Trojan Horse, and good reason to question the honesty and motives of people that push it. (Which is not to say I don’t believe there are honest people that are either deluded or simply don’t care.)

If you’re going to promote the technology of a Linux-hostile, GPL-hating, monopolistic bully of a company that regularly engages in racketeering, encourages people to violate the GPL, and is currently suing against Linux… well, some people aren’t going to like that :-).

Personally, the only thing I would want to do with mono code would be to port it to !mono. YMMV.

My conclusion is that any further work with Fedora is not something I have a desire to do, it will not be welcomed and I have no interest in fighting to contribute my time and work for free. I do owe the users of the products I maintain or do work on in Fedora an apology, I wish I could continue to say Fedora will provide a pleasant experience for your applications of choice. However as they do not for me, I cannot do so for you. For that I am sorry, I hope things will change and that capable people will pick up the work on Mono I outlined with such joy over the last week or so, I cannot in good conscience do so anymore.

With that I will delete my FAS account, remove myself from Planet Fedora and cease being involved with the project in any way. Not without a tear in my eye though, I have gotten to know a lot of great people in Fedora, some I have had the privillage of calling friends. I will miss working with them.