Every good blog these days has a good name that is a reference to something interesting in pop culture, this one quite literally is a reference to nothing. Which might prove to be my billion dollar mistake, who knows.

About pages are the end user license agreements of blog page. Nobody ever reads them, but since you are here..

My name is David Nielsen.

I am a 30’ish technology addict and occasional event organizer.

My passions run the gamut of .NET, Open Source, Apple, Linux, skepticism, atheism, roleplaying games, science and the oddly bizarre.

I run the annual .NET & GNOME hackfest and help arrange MonkeySquare’s annual MonkeySpace conference.

I am on the board of MonkeySquare, a non-profit which aims to build and foster the Open Source community around the .NET family of technologies and applications.

I am danish but I live in Brazil with my wonderful and understanding wife.

I suffer from Tourette’s and a number of accompanying ailments which has forced me into retirement.

You are welcome to contact me via Twitter, email or using the contact form below. It is your reward for reading the About page.