.NET and GNOME hackfest day 1

by davidnielsen

We have mostly all arrived safely in lovely Vienna though some of us with slightly less baggage than we expected. We also have yet to see our Tasque developers Antonius Riha and Gerhard Liebmann.


We have already had a very productive morning, managing releasing the first ever Banshee development preview using GTK#3, 2.9.0 on the road towards a 3.0 stable release for users later this year.

The next big step will be moving Banshee to using GStreamer 1.x via our freshly minted bindings generated using GObject Introspection. Andrés G. Aragoneses, Bertrand Lorentz and Stephan Sundermann are currently working on this and given the size of the task we should see some results in the near future.

That move will bring all our supported platforms to leveraging GStreamer using the same method and allow us to remove the C shim currently used on Linux for this task.

That piece of code is currently tying Banshee to an old and unmaintained version of GStreamer (0.10.x) and it is a source of a number of playback bugs. The end result should be that Banshee users will experience a much improved Banshee in terms of stability.

Hylke Bons volunteered his talents to help Banshee move its UI to be more in line with the design of GNOME 3 and technologies. Such work though is unlikely to see the light of day any time soon as the focus right now is moving Banshee to the modern GNOME 3 platform.


Tomdroid bugs are being squashed at a downright alarming rate. The aim is to get a Tomdroid release out with editing capabilities and support for our new Rainy note synchronization server.

Rainy is already in a fantastic state after a successful GSoC project and the web interface is seeing some small tweaks. Additionally progress is being made towards moving the SQLite backend from Rainy to the Tomboy Library. This will allow implementers of Tomboy to store notes in SQLite easily. With other public Tomboy note servers having been taken offline Rainy presents a valuable chance to restore this vital functionality to the Tomboy ecosystem, while also bringing encryption of notes, a web interface and many other things to the party.

After the long awaited Tomdroid release, a group of us are going to investigate moving Tomdroid from Java to Xamarin.iOS and C#, allowing sharing code thanks to the Tomboy Library.

With the Tomdroid release out of the way Stefan Hammer will move to working on Tomboy for GNOME 3. This however is likely to be work for Wednesday and beyond.

For Tomboy we also are actively working on the OS X port which is being moved from using WebKit to using Xamarin.Mac. However questions regarding rich text editing are being investigated as are UX choices.


Smuxi is seeing continued work towards its new GTK3 UI.

Smuxi GTK#3 day one progress


Robert Nordan is currently working on Pinta and has made some significant progress towards compiling against GTK#3.


Initial porting of SparkleShare to GTK#3 has been undertaken by Hylke Bons (http://twitter.com/hbons/status/387593459541897216).
SparkleShare on GTK#3.

So far SparkleShare runs but lacks support for certain features such as Application Indicators for which we have yet to generate bindings but it is otherwise very functional.

Mono packaging of .NET bindings

We have packages out for Debian/Ubuntu providing gtk# 2.99.1 but the big task for today in this area is deciding how we are going to organize, develop and release the new generated bindings and the tools going forward.

We want this to be super easy for Linux distributions to package and provide this bindings to developers, Mirco Bauer and Jo Shields are proving invaluable to understanding how to best meet those needs.


While Jeremie Laval was unable to come to the hackfest he still is with us in spirit and has helped the event by releasing the long awaited DBus# 0.8.0 which will allow us to move to a more stable version of the managed DBus implementation that has superior test coverage. It will also allow us to remove some workarounds in applications like Banshee which are in place to support older known broken releases.


We are really grateful for the chance to spend this week working on Open Source software and it would not be possible if not for our sponsors.

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