MonkeySpace 2013

by davidnielsen

It’s that magical time of the year once more, and .NET users and developers are flocking to MonkeySpace, the heart and soul Open Source .NET.

This year we are in Chicago which marks a first for the conference and everyone is having a great time. Wonderful sessions and networking is taking place.

This year I am in charge of the hackroom which is 2013’s attempt at doing Open Source rather than just talking about it. While people do tend to get distracted by the great talks and not get a lot of hacking done the room is proving to be a great resource for everyone.

I am very excited about being here and talking to developers who come from completely different backgrounds to mine. There is no assuming that people know about Linux, GNOME or any frame of reference I am used to.

I am finding this very enlightening and refreshing, it is also a great way to get people interested as a lot of the applications I tend to associate with Open Source .NET such as Tomboy or Banshee do poorly in the Windows world from which this people hail.

This also means I have made a lot of contacts who are interested in doing fairly big chunks of work on such projects to fill in the gaps that are typically present such as integration with the Windows platform for Banshee to bring the experience up to the level of what we offer on Linux. Or simply providing a presence on these platforms for applications there for applications that have none such as Tomboy in respect to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

In the coming months I will be working to set up these things and working with the truly wonderful people I have engaged with at MonkeySpace.

But we won’t stop there, Friday after the conference we are having a big all day hackfest. Aside representatives from a number of Open Source .NET projects, we will be having representatives from the Humanitarian toolbox so hackers can use their skills to help with disaster relief.