Fixing audio issues on the Acer Aspire Revo R3610 or how to update a BIOS when all you have is a Linux machine

by davidnielsen

I love my Revo but lately I discovered a small audio problem wherein I would need to reinitialize the soundcard after having been idle for a half an hour or so. On the advice of the always awesome Daniel T. Chen I checked if there was a BIOS update available, and what would you know there was. There was even one available labelled “Linux” but no changelog is present. A secondary problem is that the required flashing tool for this update only is available for DOS and Windows. However there is a workaround in making a bootable iso with FreeDOS.

This process should work for any machine

  1. Obtain the desired BIOS update from the vendor website
  2. open a terminal and change to root
  3. cd /tmp
  4. wget
  5. gunzip FDOEM.144.gz
  6. mkdir floppy
  7. mount -t vfat -o loop FDOEM.144 /tmp/floppy
  8. now copy the BIOS update and the flash tool(s) into the floppy directory
  9. umount floppy
  10. mkisofs -o bios.iso -b FDOEM.144 FDOEM.144

You now have an ISO image you can burn to a CD which will boot into good old DOS and allow you to update your BIOS. Not optimal but a viable solution for important updates.

And here is one I prepared earlier.