What’s in a name?

by davidnielsen

For a while now I’ve happily used the name GNOME commentary, because as a GNOME user and a person who follows development I wanted to provide an outlet for news and exciting looks at what the future holds. However looking back upon the last years postings I haven’t actually done much to fulfill that intend.

I do tend to post on things that interest me, commentary on legal and social matters, distribution specific updates and issues of technology in general including my surprisingly popular article on the Acer Aspire Revo r3610 which have drawn more traffic lately than all the other articles put together. It was also one of the most fun articles to write as for me it was a time of making the most out of what few resources I had and being pleasantly surprised at just how far it could take me. I am glad you all seemed to find it useful.

So here is the question, is it time to change the name of the blog, if so to what and does it even matter? Most people likely come here from aggregators which just displays my name rather than The GNOME Commentary.

The reason I ask is that for 2010 I have set the goal of returning to more active blogging, I won’t set a specific goal of posting once a day since I always felt more comfortable writing when I have something passionately urging to get out and I would rather continue to produce such articles than fulfilling a daily goal by issuing vapid non-sense. Writing an article often takes me a couple of hours, longer if I have to track down links and other resources for people to use as resources for the article and to dig out further data. I realize that personal disappointments in the past year including my decision to leave Fedora has left me without the desire to blog and without such work also arises a feel that there somehow is less material to work with. This will change, I feel energized and have several ideas I want to explore, hopefully I can turn 2010 into a productive and fun year of blogging.