When Ubuntu hates upstream

by davidnielsen

Sometimes Ubuntu pisses me off, like the time they let an aMSN bug that crippled webcam support with a patch linger for several months, sadly now they are at it again.

Banshee 1.4.3 went out of the door with an embarrassing bug in the cover art plugin that made it take up 100% CPU, these things happen. The bug was quickly fixed and a patch was issued, there was however not a follow up .1 release for this problem and development went on for months in the 1.5.x branch instead. This means distributors still carry 1.4.3 as there is no 1.6 stable release yet. Most distributions love upstream and do not want to see their mailing lists flooded with tons of complaining users, they also want to make software look good so they apply the patch when asked politely… but not Ubuntu.

6 months, 4 days and counting, has gotten us what? Instructions on how to use Launchpad better but no patched builds.