I’m not dead

by davidnielsen

Some friends have started wondering why I stopped blogging. It’s not that I ran out of things to talk about, in fact recently outside starting a blog to talk about one of my other great passions pen and paper roleplaying (check out Pawn your wand), I have also been spending a bit of effort looking at gnome-shell. So far impressions of both the design reasoning and the application itself are utterly poor. But every time I sit down to write, the anger swells up inside me over the whole anti-mono crusade which is going on and I am tempted to add my say to the debate, yet I know that no matter how often the lies and slander of the anti-mono crowd is pointed out the very same points will return days later. It is like debating creationists, something long years experience has told me I do not have the stomach to do.

So I have spend time focusing on things I do like, I have been playing with Moblin (more on this later I promise), I have finally settled on a distribution – Ubuntu though part of me really wants to use openSUSE I just can’t get over their horribleĀ  yast thingy and all this multiple repos which always seem to be poorly managed and in constant conflict. I also looked at Foresight, and was invited to join the team but Foresight just doesn’t deliver the integrated computing experience I have come to enjoy. E.g. why should I need to manually unlock the keyring upon login (btw. openSUSE you are guilty here as well). Aside that Foresight is very nice, just bear with Conary for being slow and instead spend your, lenghty, upgrade lounging in their IRC channel and you will discover the side that really sells Foresight. They have the nicest developers of any distro out there, always ready to help and to randomly shoot the breeze. I suspect superior tools gives you that calm edge and really I do want me some of that.

The one thing I dislike about Ubuntu is that they above all suffer from extreme cases of not invented here. They have their own bugtracker implementation (which makes me want to pull my hair out), they reject existing technologies such as plymouth and then go ahead and announcement their own basic reinvention of rhgb. They reject PackageKit and again write their own aptdaemon. It feels very much like they are positioning themselves intentionally to be as incompatible with other distros thus creating a lockin which is put mildly extremely uncool. I do love pkg-mono though, they know their stuff and are very helpful. In the end the presentation Ubuntu gives users is probably also the best we have to offer on a general desktop, there are still gapping holes to be filled but it’s a solid offering for which they should get praise.