More on Windows 7

by davidnielsen

Having played a bit more with Windows 7 I did find a few things I miss from Linux. Firstly the ability to put a window always ontop, I like this for detached webcam windows so I can have my finacée sitting on top of everything while I am talking to her on skype using my nokia n810. It’s a little thing, but I have grown to find it very useful.

In the same vein I really don’t like the MSN client, it’s pretty but I can’t detach the webcam images and it shows little text ads. It just feels cumbersome and it is not geared towards making IM an integrated part of the desktop instead it tries to be one big horrible application.

In Windows a long standing problem is that every good mediaplayer e.g. will only support the codecs that it’s vendor has an interest in. This means that you download iTunes to use your iPod or get access to their podcast library (which we should admit is rather well designed), however one doesn’t have support for the ecosystem beyond Apple. There is no Ogg Vorbis or FLAC support which means a large part of my music collection is rendered worthless. The same problem is present with a lot of applications, and here Free Software comes to the rescue, looking at Banshee e.g. you get all of this support even if it is not always perfect (mtp e.g. seems to have problems with my Sansa Fuze). However if I am already going to replace core applications what is left is the core Windows which might as well be Linux for all I care, it is at least not worth the price of a full Windows to me.

Internet Explorer 8 is great, no really, I quite like it and was it not because the Google Chrome development release supports Windows 7 I would have continued to use it. They have managed to produce a very stable browser that works well, I think the entire internet wins because of it, just looking at how many people already use IE and will apply the upgrade. Like Chrome it has some containment going on and their Javascript engine provides very tolerable performance.