Mono SIG full stream ahead

by davidnielsen

Lots of energy expended on Mono the past few days, attempts to violate bodhi in ways unspeakable and abominable to humanity turned up a bug. Not quite the progress imagined but now our users should have a nearly warning free Mono experience starting up Banshee, I say nearly since Boo has yet to be fixed up. I am unwilling to start deeply tinkering with this to bring Boo 0.9 into Fedora as this is not my package and it is rather complex, also the existing Boo package no longer compiles on F10 for some reason.

Most importantly we now have our own mailing list, to which I shall soon send out a proposed action plan. There is a lot of ground to cover to make Mono all it can be for Fedora users. E.g. our packaging guidelines have not been touched in years and definitely need some reviews and updates. Additionally there is work to do to bring a complete stack to our users and developers. Much excitement ahead.

Jeremy Katz kindly informed me that he has a patch to allow splitting out the debuginfo packages correctly for Mono which will bring much needed size reduction to our packages.

Also I am writing up documentation on how to correctly invoke Monodoc and having generating documentation where available be a required step for the packages covered by the SIG. This will require a full review of all our packages, and would make for great work for a beginning packager to get involved with. I am hoping to be able to setup tasks all the way from willing testers to experienced packagers, in the hope that everyone can contribute to the best of their ability and time. I find it important to be welcoming to any new talent however small, just something like having a group of people to turn to to do test installs of packages and confirm that bugs are closed or still valid is extremely helpful.

Finally Debian and Ubuntu are doing some interesting work patching Mono to reduce size and increase performance by forcing a full transition to Mono 2.0 which we definitely need to examine more closely.