Mono SIG, ongoing tasks

by davidnielsen

1) Figure out who to talk to to get a mailing list set up for the SIG so we can do our work more effectively.

2) Get monodoc fixed and start converting Mono application specs to build documentation and regenerate the index at post and unpost time to let our users have access to all the nice API documentation.

3) Examine the Debian/Ubuntu work on Mono to obsolete mcs and .NET 1.0 support to save space.

4) Find someone capable and willing to do a Mono plugin for CrashCatcher, this will be especially important if the Banshee as default mediaplayer feature is accepted since we will need to catch Mono crashes. As Tomboy is part of the default GNOME desktop and likely found on many Fedora desktops at it stands this is an important piece of work regardless. I sadly am not qualified currently to do this.

5) Find someone capable of adapting the RPM debug stripper to speak Mono. All Mono packages currently ship the debug symbols in the main package because we aren’t capable of automatically stripping them out correct. I suspect one could alternatively manually do this in every package but that would be ugly beyond words.

6) Get approved Mono SIG members in ACL for all packages so we can survive things like Nigel Jones being to busy, or Paul Johnson disappearing for real life reasons.

7) Figure out the optimal way to do deployments of new Mono stacks to the stable platform so we at the most have to support 2 Mono stacks at any time. The stable and the one in rawhide (this latter one will likely only apply when Mono upstream have prereleases and release candidates for major updates).

8) Review and update Mono packaging guidelines, bring in upstream and maintainers from other distros to bring our guidelines in line with the formally requested standards upstream.

9) The eternal quest to get as many libraries into Fedora as possible to application developers can depend on Fedora as a prime development platform for .NET

10) Write polite bugreport templates to request information from users and streamline process for pushing bugs upstream. I idea of optimal bughandling would be to see the Mono SIG working closely with upstream to benefit everyone by pushing non-Fedora bugs back to upstream.