Progress, it feels good to be back

by davidnielsen

As I currently suffer a bit from the flu, I also have plenty of time to do work. So today I have been preparing a version bump for taglib-sharp which is needed for the upcoming Banshee 1.6.x series. I am still not in ACL for taglib-sharp so spot will either have to do that or add me. I also did some work on Banshee in Rawhide which will trickle down to the stable repos when 1.4.3 is released. This work is mainly little cleanups but also includes a request from upstream to help them identify bugs based on which distros they come from, this will hopefully help weed out bugs found in the Mono stacks around the various distros and now Fedora is participating – living true to the upstream mantra.

The feature I proposed yesterday seems to have been received fairly well so far, I am hoping to get some help from upstream presenting this and answering questions when FESco feels it is ready for evalutation. I would like to give as full a presentation of the advantages switching to Banshee would give us as possible, for this Gabriel and Aaron are definitely more qualified than me. Best surprise so far though, Paul Lange, who definitely gets great guy of the month award for his ability to get me energized and helping out all over the place, turns out to be the very guy who did the Rhythmbox db migration work upstream in Banshee. This pleases me as he is a nice guy who I am sure will respond nicely and swiftly to any bugs shaken out of this code.

The ongoing mass rebuild seems to have hit all the packages I care for, and luckily so far no fallout. Which is really rocking good luck. Aside for the changes that made my touchpad feel like horrible death and disabled all it’s cool functionality, Fedora 11 is really presenting some excellent changes and I look forward to the final product.

Also did some bug triaging work on a few Fedora components, overall I feel very productive today. It might be the fever speaking but life is good.