Welcome to the Mono SIG Paul Lange

by davidnielsen

The wonderful Paul Lange has recently been having back and forths with me about the Mono SIG and already days after annoucing his interest in helping to improve Mono for Fedora users he is hard at reviewing and packaging up applications and libraries.  We are trying to get a Mono SIG mailing list setup though figuring out who to talk to in the beaucracy that is Fedora is a little hard. However the immediate effort to get gnome-do-plugins and all it’s dependencies is progressing very nicely.

Just this weekend FlickrNet and Mono.Nat were approved by review. I have Monsoon, WebKit-Sharp and Beagle-Xesam sitting in the queue for review and I have promised to do all the reviews to get gnome-do-plugins into Fedora as quickly as possible. I have also applied to be the co-maintainer for the following components: Banshee, Taglib-Sharp, Podsleuth and MonoTorrent to ensure that these components are up to date and the specs are as clean as possible ensuring the highest quality Mono for our users.

Also poked Paul F. Johnson, Mono maintainer extraordinare, on a number of reviews he has pending with me, hoping to get them finished or closed so other interested parties might take up that work.

Moonlight is still being difficult, and work has stalled a bit due to all this new ongoing Mono work with Paul.

Finally, I have proposed a feature for Fedora.

Interesting times are upon us.