Me blog you long time

by davidnielsen

It’s been a while since I blogged last, I think I go through cycles, occasionally I am very energized and want to share every cool thing or thought that pops into my head. At other times, weeks can go by without the urge to blog hits me.

However here goes what has been happening lately, big changes. I have decided on 2 things, one is to live by the promise I made my fiancée and take better care of myself so I have started going to a gym. I try to make it 3 times a week for a 25 mins intensive cardio session plus some weight lifting, the effect is starting to be measurable as I have lost 2 kilos the past few weeks.

The other promise was to get more actively involved with Fedora again, so I submitted Mirage for review and it is currently available in Rawhide (and F9+10 once Banshee 1.4.2 gets pushed, which hopefully will be soon). Mirage is a plugin for the Banshee mediaplayer that offers spectrum analysis to generate automatic playlists based on song similarity.

I am also working on Moonlight packages for rpmfusion, so Fedora users might avail themselves of this technology despite the official Fedora stance. However there are issues getting the 1.0 release to compile against our system copy of cairo.

There is though a bit of sadness attached to coming back, as soon as I decided to come back. The assine and occasionally childish mono hate postings returned to the mailing lists. JosNicolas, Kevin and Jesse, I hope you are proud of yourselves for making it unfunny to contribute to Fedora working on perfectly valid Free Software. Additionally, Jesses comment specifically makes me worry that Red Hat might pull Mono from Fedora. Taking such action would make Fedora entirely useless to me and I would have to go look for a new home, something which I do not much feel like doing.