Linux distribution meme

by davidnielsen

1) Which was your Linux distribution story?

A friend of mine installed a RH 5.2 on my laptop but I never really got into Linux before the Mandrake 7 release, a truly revolutionary desktop Linux. As I recall the first one to carry a graphical  installer and setup to produce a some what useful desktop (at that point KDE1). After having used this along side with Windows for a while I celebrated my 18th birthday by replacing both with Debian. That is the last time I ever used Windows on any of my machines. A detour over LFS and then to Gentoo for a couple of years where I really got involved in the community, also when I switched to GNOME. Building packages, learning my way around the community. After compiling got boring, I ended up with Arch Linux but that turned out to be way to unstable and I had been flirting with Fedora for a while. It has been home pretty much since FC1 with little sidesteps every once in a while.
2) What is your preferred $your_distribution version?

I am always on the latest Fedora but lately also the most recent Ubuntu. I find that Fedora 10 works really well for me.

3) Write a short story (more like and anecdote) about your past distribution.

There is always help to be found when you are stuck and regardless of your level there is always someone you can help in return. There’s always an opening for you to get involved, regardless of your skill set. Find something you are passionate about and join the fun.