My hardware doesn’t like to be abandoned it seems

by davidnielsen

The last time I went to Brazil, one of my harddrives died, just back from a second trip and my disk controller died taking the harddrive down with it. I managed to salvage some of the data and since the last scare I started depending more on an external harddrive. So I did not lose as much data as the last time and nothing vital died, I will have to rerip my cd collection though and redownload my podcasts. It does however mean that for the time being, my main machine is out of commission. Since that is the machine I do my Fedora work on it also means that I will currently be unable to testing and for the most part package reviews as well. I don’t know when I will be able to afford repairing it or if it turns out even more is wrong replacing it so for now an apology for not keeping up my duties.