Advertising for friends

by davidnielsen

This is going to seem strange, on the plane ride from Sao Paulo to Frankfurt I ran into a very nice guy wearing a GPLlv3 t-shirt. As I was wearing my Ubuntu t-shirt at the time (sorry, while Fedora is endlessly cooler, the Ubuntu t-shirt is comfy and has a nice stiched logo) I approached him to talk. We ended up drinking  whiskey and talking good part of the journey and he seemed like a really nice guy, thus I would like to keep talking to him. Being an idiot though I forgot to get both his name and his email address.

So a free beer to whoever helps me locate my new buddy, I know he lives up in the Amazon on some kind of island and that he works on a project that distributes old computers with Linux to schools. He is Polish but married a Brazilian and has lived there for 5 years. His silver pickup has a 20BRA paint job on the rear hatch of the brazilian and the polish Tux. Finally he was on TAM flight 8070 from Sao Paulo to Frankfurt on the 16th of December.

I keep being impressed by the sense of community, anywhere I go in the world and I run into Free Software people it’s an instant connection. Talking about work, life and cool little projects we plan, it always feels like meeting an old friend. I guess that is why I always forget these peoples names, I simply forget that I don’t know them already. This is just one reason I love being part of all of this, so many interesting people out there who share this experience with me and no matter when you run into them there is common space across borders and society when you sit down and talk.