Things I wish Google Reader did

by davidnielsen

I love Google Reader, I use it for all my news needs but it´s far from perfect.

  1. Remove duplicate posts, I am subscribed to a lot of different planets where some people are duplicates (like the magnificent Richard Hughes who is on Planet GNOME as well as Planet Fedora). Removing such duplicates should not be hard and it would greatly improve the usefulness of the application.
  2. Give me an option to only read posts in languages I specify as being ones I understand (this might make me miss posts where there are 6 words in chinese followed by lots of useful screenshots.. to bad) or give me an option to let Google Translate handle posts where it can guess the language and give me content in english.
  3. Let me exclude people, there are certain people who are on a number of planets who post solely on distributions details specific to products I don´t use nor like or other things I consider off topic. Not neccesarily an option to remove them but put those posts on a b-list for a day when I am really bored and can be bothered to read lenghty postings on such subjects.
  4. Get me related blog posts, if I am starring a lot of posts on PackageKit e.g. I would potentially like more news items on the subject, create me a feed of related postings.. you´re google, you know everything including what I had for breakfast. 
  5. Let me tag postings easily and expose these tags for the purpose of writing blog posts or articles. So that when I am in wordpress I can add a widget that gets me the current list of exposed subjects in my feed. I can pick one and write my own post with these as references more easily. There is nothing worse that having to dig through a starred item list to dig out those few postings I need. In the end I tend to omit adding references because it´s to much work, regardless of how bad style that is. This might not be enough though since not all references will be from blog postings but also from mailing lists so maybe a nice Google Chrome plugin to tag such things where ever I go (this would also be useful for social bookmarking purposes, something I never used before since I have yet to find a solution that integrates well).

I really wish Google Reader would be part of helping me create good, easily referenced content,  in short being a more active service than a passive one. This is not a simple task and it will require a dip into the larger ecosystem of software and web services but at least a few of these should be doable.