Little hopes for Fedora 11 and beyond

by davidnielsen

Now that Fedora 10 is out of the door, I´d like to look ahead 6 months to things I wish to see on my Fedora 11 desktop (and beyond).

  1. The beginnings of a consistent all enveloping theming, I feel that Fedora develops software that improves gradually with each release and our artwork starts from scratch pretty much every 6 months. I would love to see a consistent professional look that we can carry for a 2 years or so with gradual improvements. Something like this might also be able to push innovation in the technology we have so we can do the things visually gifted people can invision. OpenSUSE and Ubuntu already do this and I think it does them a world of good in terms of presenting the technology we have to the users.
  2. Acceleration for my r600, with work progressing the way it is on the radeon driver I don´t know if this is in the scope for F11 but I have my hopes. Especially since unaccelerated my desktop is pretty useless perticularly for playing back video (HD content makes the matter even worse).
  3. Suspend and resume for both my machines, I mean where does one even begin to file a bug. Really good guides to weeding out the information developers need would be excellent. I feel bad generally just filing bugs with the title ¨dies on resume¨ it just seems like poor style and a technique likely to waste developer time which I am not a great fan of.
  4. btrfs preview support, I am a glutton for punishment, this seems like cool technology and with the way work progresses towards 1.0 I am hoping we can see a preview similar to what we have with ext4 currently. Not sure F11 is the right time frame but I have hopes ( idealistic vain hopes but still hopes).
  5. Banshee as the default media player, with it´s aggressive development plan and responsive developers it seems to make a lot more sense to me as our default. It also presents much nicer bling and cooler features. I like that we can count on releases happening often with major improvements happening each time. E.g. in the pipeline now is things like rockbox integration meaning we might be able to offer users a way to convert a player to use only free software and free formats soon (something that seems like an issue for some due to codec patents). 
  6. A netbook spin, as is evident from existing data nebooks are not a good target for our default desktop. The screen size is not perfect for the existing interface (maybe time to look at sugar here?) and they have different requirements for their partitioning to not wear out the SSDs needlessly. Many little tweaks to be done.
  7. An equvilant to SUSE Studio I am starting to believe heavily in applicances and while Fedora was early to the table making this possible we haven´t really taken the work much further since then.
  8. I´d like to see our Mono stack improve, there is a SIG now but we have yet to plan the first meeting and there are other failings in this area such as getting more maintainers and getting a complete stack so developers can rely on things being there instead of having to bundle them. One important step would definitely be getting Moonlight into rpmfusion since RH Legal have blocked it in Fedora proper. (this item I will likely invest a lot of time in during the next 6 months along with Banshee as always).

As a personal todo list aside the Mono work, I would love to do the developer/feature interviews as podcasts for the Fedora TV feed. I just have no idea where to start but I have a lot of time on my hands and it seems like a good time to do things like this now that free tools like Jokosher are coming of age.