Consistent experiences

by davidnielsen

Today I spotted an interesting little usability tidbit in the Ubuntuforums. A user who had recently switched to Linux was confused that double clicking the trash applet opened 2 nautilus windows. Now clearly he mentally connected the underlying technology but failed to notice the context. An applet require a mere click, however in file browsing context double clicks are required.

This made me think, where outside of nautilus do we in GNOME default to requiring double clicks. The applets, notification icons, the menu (and menu items), the window list – all single click. All I can think of that defaults to requiring double clicks is nautilus. So clearly the correct question is not should the trash applet require double clicking but rather why is nautilus inconsistent with the rest of GNOME.

In that vein of thinking I swiftly changed the default to single clicking.

Funny how I never noticed this before, a new user user asked about it. I wonder how many other small little details like this are hiding in our platform.