Triaging Banshee

by davidnielsen

Our current Banshee maintainer is sadly a bit busy, so I decided to spend a bit of time trawling the mailing list for patches to some of the problems our current package has. Spot kindly built everything for me (sorry after the signing incident I just haven’t gotten around to reactivating my account, it seems convoluted to me and I do most of my work in bugzilla anyways). So now your F10 Banshee should not crash when switching tracks (gstreamer buglet), transferring artwork to an iPod on 64bit also works now and more models are recognized. Additionally more mime types are now correctly handled in taglib-sharp amongst them songs bought via iTunes. As part of the upgrade session was also pushed (1.4.1 was released yesterday but that I suspect is a post F10 release update – it does bring sexy handling of devices like the first Android phone and preliminary Bittorrent download capabilities).

All in all Banshee once again lives up to it’s promise of being the best media player available on Linux. I would love to see it replace Rhythmbox in F11 as the default player, this more than any other application change we have done would be smooth since Banshee automatically imports your existing Rhythmbox database. Risk free and we get some nice features such as proper portable player syncing, Upstream is also on a predictable schedule and is very responsive in cases of bugs.