I’m anti-Brasero

by davidnielsen

Well, not so much anti Brasero as pro doing things right really. Having a separate burining application is a horrible idea that stems back to the days when computers came without cd burners. It became an add on item for which support was needed, as use cases grew so did the horrible apps – now looking at Nero one of the apparent favourites it has grown from a simple little app that did the wrong job to being a several hundred meg app that does the wrong thing.

Having a separate application for burning is like.. imagining a world where if you want to save your work to a floppy (youngsters, replace the word floppy with USB stick),  you would be required to launch a completely separate application only then may you be allowed to do your work. This naturally being the way it would work instead of just selecting the destination in every application.

Burning is no different, it should be integrated where it is needed. In my media player, in my file manager, in my photo manager. Was it not for patents, I would want to highlight a movie, then select convert to DVD in my file manager or my media player, or I could in the context of my photo manager have my photos backed up to a media or turned into one of these slideshow DVDs.

How about some nice widgets and a library application designers can use to integrate burning. Make it easy and see where people put it to good use. I really honestly and truly see no reason to continue down the path of having this workflow, Free Software is or could be the shining example of improving computing for all. Just look at what we have done so far, look at Sugar, the work being done exploring for GNOME 3. Wizbit, PackageKit.. so many paths of excellence.

And yet, Brasero was proposed for GNOME inclusion, to what so far has been nothing but favorable opinions.. clearly my logic must be flawed.