Why I can’t wait for Google Chrome for Linux

by davidnielsen

… because Firefox just crashed 3 times in a matter of 60 seconds. I am quite certain only one tab caused the crash but since everything is in one process.. everything died, including the hour long flash video (not evil.. I swear, swfdec does youtube – all Free Software) I was watching. This means redownloading everything again which I am not inclined to do. It also includes retyping the email which was brewing on the side in gmail.

For the love of Darwin, can we please put Firefox out of it’s misery. It’s not fast, nor stable. Chrome probably isn’t 100% stable either but at least I have seen that both render faster and survive the death of one tab without killing the rest of my productive environment. Really being more graceful when handling malfunctions is not going to hurt you Mozilla people.. is it?

The web browser is increasingly becoming the platform of choice for many vital tasks such as email and office work, if you crash now we are no longer talking about merely losing a static page of say naked pictures which can be easily restored after a crash. We are talking real work. If you cannot avoid crashing, at least contain the damage.