might be going off the air

by davidnielsen

One of my favorite freethought radioshows Reginald Finlay’s Infidelguy Show might become a victim f the recent crisis. Doing freethought radio is already a tough business, given that it’s hard to get advertisers and the already high costs of doing internet broadcasting and distribution are surely not a help. However for a decade Reggie has been there for us, with free teasers and a weekly show with interesting guests ranging all fields of science, philosophy and ranging nearly every religion known to mankind. He has dedicated his life to getting information out there but as people are losing their jobs are being forced to cut costs he is losing gold members and thus income.

I wouldn’t normally partake in begging for money, but Reggie has played a big part in my life, for a decade he has provided me as a gold member with hours of interesting shows I would not be able to find elsewhere, providing a voice for reason and insight into other peoples beliefs. I hope other people might feel the same way and will be willing to aid him through the slump.

Thank you for your time.