Google Chrome

by davidnielsen

Everyone is doing it, today in the Perspective on CS lecture I noticed one thing. First one person installed Chrome, played with it for a few minutes. His neighbor would then notice, whisper quietly for a minute or so, install it and play and soon Chrome was on every single Windows machine in the room. It spread like wild fire. Now I know we are tech heads being CS students and all but I would still be interested in seeing how many people keep Chrome installed and in use. I know from the moment I saw the presentation and later when I observed it in use I lusted it for my Linux desktop.

My personal disliking of Firefox is wellknown and I have long seen Epiphany as the superior choice, I would love to play with Google Chrome as an upgrade to my browsing experience so I await the Linux release with great eagerness. It looks slick and from the limited playtime I had with it it also feels both fast and above all it feels right in use.

Google, Chrome me up please