It happened while you were sleeping

by davidnielsen

Today, inspired by a bit of free time while the washing machine does it’s thing I poked at rawhide. Specifically I was interested in why.. once again.. my iPod had stopped working in Banshee. The component responsible for this is Podsleuth, a neat little C# ditty which does all the magic for us.

First roadblock, the new rpm version is stricter with the fuzz so rebasing one patch was required. Then Podseluth needed to be adapted to the new sg3_utils, a simple little patch later and we now compile (many thanks to Dan Horak for pointing out my typo).

Now it still doesn’t actually run but the original 2 issues being fixed it now exposes another bug wherein it seems we cannot find HAL on dbus. This I am still trying to figure out but not at all bad for idle poking while I wait for the laundry to finish.