I voted

by davidnielsen

but I did it wrong (because I am a moron)

but I did it wrong

Ah another election in Fedora land, and being a bit of a moron I managed to apply the concept of range voting incorrectly. I stupidly read the directions as lowest number being your highest preference, in the same vein as coming in first in the Tour de France is a good thing whereas 13th is slightly less impressing. Yeah I know.. I suck.

That being said, I want to give my full endorsement to Christian Iseli, whose postings to our mailing lists always provided a beacon of sanity. A trait Fedora lately has really come to need in it’s leadership, a group of people who more and more seem to forget that people contribute because it is fun and as a result apply layer upon layer of beaucracy as well as downright punishment for even small transgressions. Let’s take back Fedora, keep it a vibrate fun community, focus on helping maintainers rather than punishing them when they slip and fail. Let’s find a way to stop the endless flamewars over libre Fedora and other recurring themes that make our mailing lists a tsunami of pain to be on.

Vote Christian! Sanity demands it.