The update, the election and the wardrobe

by davidnielsen

I love Fedora, but sometimes I get frustrated with it such as when a kernel that breaks wifi gets pushed to stable (granted it was a security fix but it brought in a shit ton of other stuff which caused this breakage). Other things updates have broken on F9, iPod support (also granted it was originally brought to work in F9 by an update but then something else ruined that effort), burning cds/dvds as a user (no idea what happened here).. In short, F9 got surprisingly less functional post release. I find this sad because I and many others put in a great deal of effort testing Fedora throughout the development cycle, we have hard freezes to ensure things are released in a suitable state but after that point the floodgates seemingly are opened and the effort is wasted. Updates are pushed often without much testing or with known regressions, just the other day an update was pushed with broken dependencies.

I feel conflicted on the matter, I love that Fedora is a rolling distro, you get the new versions of most packages during it’s lifetime but the downside is definitely that we tend to break stuff left and right. Being more conservative in our update policy and requiring more testing would definitely cut down on the breakage and keep a release closer to a known state but it would hamper with the freedom of our maintainers to do what they feel is the best way to do their job and we keep new software with known bugfixes and feature additions from our users. It’s unclear how to get the best of both worlds.

So what did I do about this, I voted. I specifically voted for Jon Stanley and Jonathan Roberts, neither of these fine candidates got elected though but I loved that they did not focus on adding more architecture support when we can’t even handle the stable platform as it stands (aside from that little interaction I have had the pleasure to have with Jon and Jonathan, they seem like very nice people with a strong background of good contributions to Fedora, people I trust to make the right tough decisions). I file bugs and I interact with bodhi hoping that at least when bad updates are discovered they can get revoked.. still my setup is broken, so clearly this is not enough. What more can a guy do?