Feeling old.. once more

by davidnielsen

It’s that time of the year again, I can get to look back at the previous 12 months to evaluate what I am doing with my life as I increment the age counter. Today marks the beginning of my 27th year of life.

I have gotten to celebrate it with good pasta for lunch, Brazil has amazing food. Just yesterday night we went to have some dinner, freshly made pasta of your choice plus the sauce and condiments of your choice – all so fresh and delicious I could have stayed all night. Ready for 2 in less than 4 mins (including the time it took my poor girlfriend to translate the ingredient list from Portuguese — I really need to learn). When I experience orgasmic fast food like this I look around and wonder why everyone else was eating McDonalds… really.. it makes no sense to me, so many wonderful options and they pick cardboard meat with airy bread.

Brazil has gotten cold, last night we experienced 0C, and no houses in Curitiba have heating – the hotel I am staying in does but the heater has taken to making exploding sounds rather than heating the room (no I am not kidding). I might be from the cold north but this is chilling to the bone. Not just a week ago it was 32C and I could barely walk around without leaving a sweaty puddle.. a strange experience indeed. This sudden change in weather has also resulted in waking up with a terrible cold the last few days, not what I envisioned for my vacation but neither were a lot of things like getting stuck 4 hours in Paris while TAM tried to fix their plane then decided to reroute me to the wrong destination and lose my luggage momentarily.