First post from Brazil

by davidnielsen

I’ve now been in Brazil for a good week and already I have noticed how widespread Linux is down here. I don’t have to explain what it is for a start but here apparently most laptops can be bought with Linux preinstalled. Being excited that Dell ships Linux on a few select machines in certain countries is downright idiotic compared to this place. I even saw my first real world eeePC the other day, in a regular retail store, cute as a bug, and yes I instantly wanted one. Why these machines have not reached Denmark amazes me, I guess it’s the price we pay for jumping on the IT bandwagon early and being stuck with large machines and Microsoft products.

Overall I like it here, I still have about 2 weeks left here to enjoy and while the woman I love is in class I can smooch the faculty wifi. This also leads me to notice that here nobody encrypts their wifi and if they do it’s using WEP, there’s something deep inside me giggling at that thought.