The VIA open platform

by davidnielsen

Slahdot reports on VIA’s new open platform which reportedly supports a number of distributions out of the box – while I am sure Fedora does work on this it would be nice if we were able to get them to test F9 on this and list it along with the existing supported distributions.If we don’t work on this hardware, hopefully some enterprising hacker will make it work like the work that is going on to make the eee machines run really sexy with Fedora.

I wonder exactly how open this is though, I am sure all the hardware is supportable by open drivers but could we make this into the ultimate open laptop, everything from a free BIOS to a free OS with all the hardware working at full capacity on Free Software. There are machines out there like this such as the OLPC but none I can think of that are publicly available, even the OLPC I can’t buy here in Denmark. I’d definitely buy one if that was the case, I have a VIA chip in my Zonbu and it is a very nice and silent machine, I am hoping the C7 chip in this will offer a similar pleasant computing experience.

Excellent work VIA, and while we are at it, thank you for the +16.000 lines of fb code. I am not qualified to say if it’s good code but I value active contribution to Free Software and I hope to see more.