Vacation time and Fedora stuff

by davidnielsen

Just a friendly little message, I will be in Brazil on vacation from the 3rd of June till the 25th. I will have internet access but since I stepped down as a package maintainer nobody should notice.

That is right, I am officially unimportant now.. Well that is I will continue to do ambassador work and breaking Fedora in new an interesting ways as well as reviewing packages – I’d like to do my part to finish the merge reviews and of course I still hope more Mono review requests will fall into my lap (so far only one but a challenging one), there is an adundance of cool Mono technology we still lack such as notify-sharp, MonoTorrent, tasque, giver and monsoon – if you package them up, I will review them, if you go on vacation I will look after them, anything short of actually maintaining software – which is probably the best arrangement for all involved including our users whose interests should come before my own in this aspect.

Another reason to stop devoting time to stop maintaining software in Fedora is that in September I hope to start a CS course at my local university and I would like to not be distracted by Fedora in that way. When bugs pile up I feel first obligated to look at them, comment and try to fix them, then they overwhelm me and suck up all my time. Needless to say I loved my time with Fedora as a package maintainer, even though it was not without frustrations and my thanks go to the kind people to picked up my packages such as Adel and Nigel. I owe you people beer.

I am torn on one subject, I am on Planet Fedora, and now that the new easy scheme has been enabled, I get more control over what posts people see here. Looking at my stats articles on Fedora get the most hits and they are most relevant to the planet so since I started tagging and catagorizing my posts I might funnel only technology posts here. In the same breath the original idea of planets was giving a look into the life of a project and that includes personal stuff. Currently I try to limit that since it’s not of relevance, seperating it would allow me to devote more time blogging on other matters without fear of flooding the planet… I can’t decide on what would be the best approach.