Switching banks for Free Software

by davidnielsen

I’ve never used homebanking before but I’d like to, I’d wanted to for a while but my current bank desperately wants to use Java for it’s software (Sagan only knows why) and making matters worse IcedTea is not a acceptable Java to them at least it’s not detected using their little tester application. Also they specifically state in their FAQ that support is not granted to Linux, though it “might” work.

So I decided to look around at the other danish banks, and while “Danske Bank” my current bank doesn’t cater to Linux users, “Jyske Bank” does and they test their software against a multitude of browsers and OSes to clearly indicate what they know works. This kind of dedication to their customers should not go unpunished so I am switching over and I’ll be sure to mention Linux support as a primary motivator for changing banks.