How to destroy a community (specifically Fedora)

by davidnielsen

openSUSE community manager Zonker points out this wonderful slideshow on sabotaging your community (pdf). In terms of Fedora I feel points 5 and 7 apply. We tend to require signed license agreements to fart and our governance model is confusing to put it mildly. E.g. I’ve been considering running for FESCo or the Board but I have no clear idea what either ones governance scope is and where what I want to do is best approached.. I suspect the board but it is not obvious since I’d like to see some fundamental changes in the way we handle new contributors to make the Fedora community more welcoming and do a better job at providing education and guidance for contributors, the changes would affect FESCo as well I suspect. I would like to encourage people to work together more attacking problem areas, right now it seems when a problem is found we do a lot of unloading on contributors who may very well be unexperienced with certain kinds of things and I know we have people who can help, I’d like the norm to be for these people to be willing to see the bigger picture and jump in with patches and advice when they point out a problem.. in much the same way I previously suggested that the correct way to respond to someone wanting to rip out functionality without a sufficient exit strategy for consumers of this functionality or a replacement should be plain and simple: “no, back to the drawing board”.