Standing Offer to review Mono packages

by davidnielsen

The Fedora package review process is rather encumbered with a number of bottlenecks, primarily from lack of hands to do the work. However the review process does help to ensure the high standard of our packages. As there are few people willing to review Mono packages I will make a standing offer to review your Mono package. I do this because I think Mono and Mono applications are great and I wish dearly that Fedora becomes the best platform for using and developing Mono applications on. I’m hoping by doing this we will be able to more effectively pass through the review process. I actively use a lot of Mono technology and I am active upstream as a tester for many Mono related projects so I also hope to stay active in your bugreport stream.

To take advantage of this offer simply add my email (gnomeuser at gmail dot com) to the cc line of your review request and I will automatically be notified.