Fedora 9: Making stuff work

by davidnielsen

Fedora is great, Fedora 9 being the latest and greatest is not exception to this rule. However one might want to spice ones Fedora up with a few extras such as multimedia support which legally cannot be shipped. Seeing as I am in a country without software patents I should be pretty safe in explaining to you how to do all this.

Multimedia support:

** Disclaimer: Before installing this support please check the laws in your region as you may be prohibited from legally installing these packages.

Open a terminal and as root do this:

rpm -Uvh http://rpm.livna.org/livna-release-9.rpm

This will enable the 3rd party livna repository which packages all this nice software for you, then we want to install multimedia support.

yum install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly gstreamer-ffmpeg -y

This will install the gstreamer plugins and support is now enabled, comfirm by playing your favorite mp3 if you like.

Flash support:

First go to the adobe download center, select YUM for Linux in the dropdown box. Then click agree and install. This will give you the rpm you need to enable adobes repository. Install this by double clicking on the downloaded rpm and authorizing the install with your root password as requested. On an x86_64 machine you will need to open a terminal as root and type:

yum install libflashsupport.i386 nspluginwrapper.i386 -y

Then proceed to installing the flash plugin:

yum install flash-plugin -y

and to make sure everything is in order run:

mozilla-plugin-config -i -g -v

And restart your webbrowser.

Nvidia drivers:

Sorry, Nvidia have not yet released drivers that support Fedora 9, this should be out shortly. When that is released it can be found in the livna repo under the package name kmod-nvidia.

This goes out to my friend Gabriel who last night promised to give Fedora 9 a whirl after it’s released.


I am aware that there’s a beta driver out for nvidia, please stop sending me emails about it (my blog does comments and openID please feel free to use it for such publicly useful debates). However this beta driver doesn’t do 3D and it requires some workarounds to even get you 2D support. Thus you are no worse off with the nv or nouveau drivers for the time being.. in fact I would argue you are better off as it’s just works(tm) and this solution provides better security and stability.

*edit 2*

As of May 29th nvidia have released compatible drivers and they are in the livna repository. You can install them by enabling livna as above if you have not done so already then as root invoking:

yum install kmod-nvidia

It should be pointed out that you can also use the graphical tools to do all this but I have so far been to lazy to provide a visual tour. It’s on the todo list I promise.