Skype… sigh

by davidnielsen

I have used Skype for years, out of the many voip solutions it is the one with the clearest audio quality and it’s much easier to use than say Ekiga (which I despite trying for years never have been able to make even a simple voip call using). Additionally none of the FLOSS alternatives allow me to buy a phone number and have it redirected so people in far away countries can call me cheaply.

Lately though Skype has been bothering me more than usually. Not only have they continually refused to provide a x86_64 build but it’s also impossible to make work with pulseaudio as presented in F9 (or any modern distro really), as such I now use Skype mainly on my Nokia n810 and my cellphone, making it very easy to miss peoples calls since the n810 can’t be on all the time whereas my desktop or laptop could be and the cellphone doesn’t handle SkypeIn calls correctly. Now they’ve added to my pain, I use Skype to call peoples phones outside of Denmark because generally Skype credit is cheaper than paying my cellphone company, however a few days ago they decided to stop taking payments using Paypal instead wanting to verify my credit card with my bank. This does not work because the version of java shipped in F9 is not detected by my netbanking site, so I can’t open an account.. which is required to get the activation thingy that VISA requires me to use (oh joy.. and you just knew somehow Java being the pile of shit it is would ruin my day again..)

More Skype problems, my cellphone comes with Skype installed, this was advertised at fully Skype compliant – I figured that meant it would correctly handle situations where people call my SkypeIn numbers and let me pick them up on my phone… how wrong I was, instead I am required to enable call forwarding which costs an insane amount of money – 0.20€, as a comparison even calling the expensive tier 4 countries on the skype list such as Brazil is 0.17€, it is thus cheaper to call halfway around the world than to call myself.. brilliant. Complaints over said behavior have been filed. The additional joy is that now that I am out of credits and I can refill my account on account of the change in the payment system.. thus call forwarding is completely useless and when I am out of the house now nobody can call my cleverly thought out SkypeIn system.

When people say you don’t get punished for using proprietary software.. they lie.. I plan to market Skype to the CIA as a replacement for waterboarding, now that eBay are thinking about selling it someone should be able to make a quick buck buying it cheap and selling it as a torture device.