The state of things

by davidnielsen

It’s been a while since I blogged last so let me treat you to a little story:

There I was, innocent and naked as the day I was born washing my hair when suddenly I blackout, next thing I remember I’m standing against the wall barely able to support myself. Then ensues a couple of rough days for unsigned and loved ones, including the obligatory hospital trip and nifty CT scan. Main thing learned from said scan is that my brain is quite attractive, nothing on the images of medical interest though, so with no idea what went wrong I am thankful medical science has given me good painkillers to take the edge off and that no further episodes of this sort has happened. Recovery seems to be going according to plan, so hopefully nothing further to worry about.

As this didn’t slow me down for long there is lots of Linux fun to be had, I’ve been testing the lastest openSUSE beta release on my laptop but my wifi doesn’t work (it’s even an intel people.. free software powered) – I guess I should count myself lucky, at least this release installed, their previous alpha didn’t even get so far. It’s kinda sad, I always look with envy on openSUSE for it’s artwork and general polish but it’s just to broken during the development phase for pretty much anyone to partake in the testing. Fedora nearly always installs and runs with minimal issues during the development cycle (F9 admittedly was more bumpy than previous cycles but the result is stunning), I feel this is a much underrated quality in development releases generally – encouraging wider testing is vital and I am happy Fedora always keeps a high standard on this front.