Libre Graphics Meeting Pledge

by davidnielsen

I am a big fan of paying for Free Software, I preordered the Apricot game to support Free Software game development, everyone else will get it absolutely for free but I always find it important to support the freedom others before me have worked so hard to get me. Remembering that we are custodians for freedom is important, it only stays with us and for those who follow us if we fight for it. Since I don’t code much, I do so by doing work on Fedora, and by giving money where I can.

In that vein Dave Neary is running a pledge to have community sponsorship for the Libre Graphics Meeting, please do give generously. Your support lets Free Software developers get their travel expenses covered so they can have a voice at this event, let them interact and let the software and freedom we all love and benefit from flourish.

Support the Libre Graphics Meeting and make a donation at !