Abiword 2.6 rocks my world

by davidnielsen

I love hitting the Abiword 2.6 icon and watching it start up faster than I can blink my eyes… then trying to start up OpenOffice Writer and noticing it taking a good 30 secs. Followed by girlish giggling. Abiword does what I need and more, OOo surely does the same but it’s slower, uglier and it doesn’t yet do the sexy collaborative editing AbiWord does – additionally having tried to read some OOo code, the whole thing scares the living daylight out of me. All GNOME Office needs now is a presentation application and my life can be entirely free of the OOo terror, currently I rely on Google Docs to do presentations which is not optimal.

Back to giggling like a school girl in praise of the AbiWord developers. Thank you!