Vacation notice

by davidnielsen

Today I’ll be packing my bags, doing the final preparation and tomorrow I leave for Fastaval, the largest Roleplaying conference in Denmark (I believe). 500 geeks in one place all there to exercise our creativity, there is no internet access and as the day is divided into two 6-7 hour gaming sessions interupted only by food I will likely not have time to hit the net anyways. I will try to push out the much needed updates before I leave but should a bug arise while I am gone consider permission granted to fix it, our wonderful buildsystem should tell me of any changes you make.

I’ll be mastering 3 sessions, all in my favorite genre, horror. I’m despite appearances on the blog normally a fairly polite and quiet guy but I do like to channel the depths of hell on occasion – something freeing in letting all that out in a safe manner. Regardless I’ll be back home Sunday night to attend to Fedora work.. depending on the amount of sleep I manage at the conference.

Happy Easter people.