Fedora Board, masters of epic fail

by davidnielsen

I can only agree with Brian that the Fedora Boards recent decision to patch out Codina is doing nothing to help Fedora rid itself of the image that we are not user friendly. The argument seems to be that Codina is non-free software, which is bullshit, it’s free software – it aids in informing about codec support and offers a way to install proprietary codecs legally, this in the current state of affairs is non-free software for legal reasons. Codina itself solved the problem of turning what was a nasty technical failure message into a nice piece of education and optional help to get the support required, now it is manadated that we go back to the stone ages.

This seems more like waging a war on non-free softwares right to existance than protecting freedom to me. All the while introducing a functionality regression from previous our Fedora release, and a very visible one to users that is.