Fruits of my loins.. I mean labor

by davidnielsen

Interested people can now check out the first feeble steps in cleaning up the beagle spec in CVS or on There is still plenty to do, but at least it’s marginally nicer now even if I was forced to perform an ugly hack to force the firefox plugin out at the last minute since it’s lack of Firefox 3 api support caused problems – rejoice users of epiphany finally get their backend and that should work just fine.

I’m trying to prepare the Beagle stack to be deployed in F8 as well, this will require a lot of patching and planning to get rolled out right but the result should be a Beagle for our stable users that works.. and as a sideeffect the ability of me to close some 39 bugs in one go.

As a sideeffect of the quest to please the ppc team and allow us to have a nice mono stack for all our supported platforms, I imported nant 0.86-beta1 2 weeks ago, turns out while that compiles for that one ppc user we keep benting backwards for it broke boo. I apologize, I suspect the best solution is to revert the change and live with one platfrom being excluded.. it’s only 1680 users according to smolt and how many of these use this.. probably not all that many.