Looking forward to Fedora 9: Webcam support

by davidnielsen

One of the features I’m looking forward to the most in Fedora 9 isn’t even listed anywhere, but DaveJ mentioned it in his LCA talk. Namely merging a lot of the webcam drivers which are currently not upstream and getting them ready for inclusion in the upstream tree, this is a sexy feature mainly because the support we have out of the box for webcams is rather poor and these drivers will add a lot of new devices to our out of the box support (including my webcam since it’s powered by uvcvideo). The really nice bit is that this is not just a Fedora 9 feature, at least koji currently contains kernels for F8 with these patches applied so you can have it today.

My hardware working out of the box, using Free Software.. one good reason to look forward to Fedora 9