Why oh why Fedora?

by davidnielsen

In case people are wondering why I’m not fixing their bugs.. my Fedora setup commited suicide and getting a build setup back will take a bit of time because I’ve also decided to take some time to look at new housing and get some paper work in order. I apologize for the delays. I should be back in gear some time next week.

Also I’ve switched my primary email to my gmail account, mail send to the lovesunix account will be automatically forwarded for the time being. In the process I unsubscribed from a bunch of Fedora mailing lists since I realised they were sucking up my time and I never really contributed there anyways. Instead I’ll check them from the archives from now on. I’ve always felt that if I’m on a mailing list I should read every single mail (just like you finish the plate at dinner) and lately the volume has grown to take up hours of my day to get through, time I could spend on other things.

Finally I’ve been experimenting with Prism, it’s a really sexy tool, I love having a single button to launch those useful web apps, thanks to this tool the following has happened:

Evolution replaced with GMail (still lacks a way to make mailto: links open gmail-prism in the composer view – shouldn’t be to hard) – this is the single best change ever made to my desktop.. Evolution being an exceptionally annoying program no longer having to deal with it make me dance with joy.

Evolution’ calendar replaced with Google Calendar

OpenOffice replaced with GoogleDocs, the amazing thing is that opening a web browser and loading GoogleDocs is still faster than starting OOo.. and it lets me take my documents with me everywhere. A clear winner.

I tried using the GoogleTalk flash thing via Prism but that was just a bit to annoying so I’m still relying on Empathy for this, I wish Empathy did MSN webcam and VoIP, then I’d be able to kill aMSN.AMSN is probably the ugliest app ever created but it’s to my knowledge the only one to support those two features well right now on Linux.

Yes, Havoc and Colin, you can say I told you so now. You were right, I was wrong.. Web Apps do indeed rock the Kashbah. I wish we had Free Software alternatives with assured privacy but thanks to the DataPortability project and things such as OpenID once they arrive we should be able to migrate nicely.