We suck at explaining stuff

by davidnielsen

I’ve been reading all the Fedora 9 Alpha announcement posts, and well done everyone, Fedora 9 is shaping up to be a massive innovation… if only it would install on my dmraid setup.

Regardless to the point, I found the following in Rahul’ post:

* FreeIPA, an integrated solution combining Linux, Fedora Directory Server, FreeRADIUS, MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS and providing web and commandline provisioning and administration tools.

Holy crap… that’s fucking amazing.. ergh what does it do people? How will this make my life better? Clearly it seems there is room for improvement in terms of explaining to the average user what this means, it might not apply to his use cases but it would still be nice if he understood how cool it was to a degree. Maybe we could get the FreeIPA guys to give an extended interview to explain how this will hail the second coming to his noodly highness?