Matthew Garrett – comedy genius and other LCA observations from afar

by davidnielsen

I always enjoy Matthews talks mainly because he seems to be exercising his own brand of passive-aggressive humour, his LCA talk Suspend to Disk – Why does it hurt so was no exception.. if anyone needs 30 mins of laughter I recommend hitting this, I found it to be even more amusing than watching DaveJ partly naked during his talk (and Dave.. please don’t do that again).

The rest of the LCA talks are also available, many of these are by prominent Fedora people or other cool Free Software faces, so go check them out.

My favorites so far:
Adam Jackson, our fearless X maintainer talks about performance messurements in X.
Dave Jones, our lead kernel maintainer talks about the pain of supporting us
Dave Airlie, Fedora X developer, writer of graphics drivers, defender of kittens, talks about the future of X and the plans for X in Fedora 9
Jonathan Corbet does his classic Kernel Report talk on the kernel development model and predicted future trends in kernel land. Always interesting.
and the list would go on and on if only I’d had enough time to watch all the talks yet.