Dear lord what have I done

by davidnielsen

Alex orphaned Beagle.. with the words “anyone who uses this and has a bit of time would be a better maintainer than him” (paraphrasing).. So in a display of famous last words, I decided to pick it up. Dear lord that spec is hidious, I’ve begun the lenghty process of rewriting large parts of it and splitting it up to provide more backends as seperate packages as well as provide the newly released 0.3.3 version. The new version comes with a qt configuration program, this requires the qyoto QT .NET bindings, seeing as these are missing and I’m certainly not going to package them, KDE/QT users will have to live without this presumably cool new feature till someone provides qyoto in Fedora. That being said I hope to see a Beagle 0.3.x build for all our supported platforms soon as the 0.3.x branch really works a whole lot better than 0.2.x and as such should allow me to nuke most of the 39 bugs Alex kindly “donated” to me. In the same vein once this is done I plan to package up the beagle xesam adaptor.

Paul Johnson seems to have suffered a rather massive hardware failure from what I can tell from his mails, so the push of Mono 1.2.6 to F-7 and F-8 I requested from him I have had to start myself. Hopefully me syncing the dependency specs from Development and pushing a build to updates-testing won’t anger anyone or cause problems. In case it does, I apologize deeply but the new Mono fixes a lot of problems and allows us to provide a better experience for our users, please bear with me. Testing is requested.

Bodhi links: libgdiplus F-7 :: libgdiplus F-8

Also I’m becoming uncharactistically well organized, all my tax and bank papers are filled correctly now. I miss my messy desk but it is nice to be able to find stuff easily instead of having to dig in the important stuff pile.