The ongoing quest for banshee 0.13.2 in Fedora

by davidnielsen

I’m an avid Banshee fan so lately I’ve been working a bit on getting all the dependencies for the new banshee release working in Fedora and I’m happy to report it’s getting close.

The initial cleaned up SRPM here.

For the new banshee several new dependencies are requires:
ndesk-dbus(-glib) – already in Fedora
boo – already in Fedora
mono-zeroconf – already in Fedora (required version in Koji here)
podsleuth (review request)
taglib-sharp (review request)

And an updated ipod-sharp is also required, since this depends on podsleuth, an updated SRPM can be found here:

ndesk-dbus, boo and taglib-sharp are in the banshee tarball but for the upcoming 1.0 release these have been removed and system libraries will be required, also it is good form to use the system libraries where possible so I made that change for 0.13.2 already.

So far as I know the other required dependencies are fulfilled in Rawhide currently, as soon as podsleuth and taglib-sharp pass review I’ll start work on making the new banshee available in the stable repos. Provided callion and the other affected maintainers don’t object that is. Using the Mono from development this should also work on F8, at least that is the setup I have currently. Please don’t file bugs against this work in the Fedora Bugzilla, rather contact me directly via mail so as to not annoy callion.