Late christmas presents

by davidnielsen

I know I promised to do this as a Christmas present but I had some unforseen problems, regardless you GNOME do lovers, I updated the package to and got the dependencies into both F7 and F8. So now you the tester can install this great tool by simply invoking “yum –enablerepo=updates-testing install gnome-do”. Please report any problems, if there aren’t any major issues I plan to bump these babies to stable in a week or two. Users of Rawhide have had this package for a few days and so far no problems have been reported.

I also encourage people to start packaging gnome-do plugins, there are a few neat features available this way and it seems like a nice easy way to get into both gnome-do and Fedora packaging.

And let’s actually push these to testing.. I could swear that used to happen automatically. Ah well, the above command will work soon.. real soon… I hope.